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I've been fortunate enough to be featured in American Miniaturist, Miniature Collector and Miniaturas (Spain) magazines!
 The following are scans of the articles.



Miniaturas (Spain)
December 2008 
 "¡Felicidades, mamá Cookie!" and "Cuatro días antes de navidad"
My fifth miniature cover, and my first international magazine appearance! Cookie's Christmas and Four Days Before Christmas is featured, and I also wrote a "How To" on creating a Christmas centerpiece.

American Miniaturist
September 2008 
 "Kathy's Boutique" 
My fourth miniature cover!  The Katoinette Boutique is featured.



American Miniaturist
June 2008 
 "Moonlighting in Indianapolis"
My cat Moonlight has the spotlight all to herself!

American Miniaturist
February 2008 
 "A Bathroom Within A Bathroom"
Both miniature "Bathroom Scenes" - one for each mom! - are featured.

American Miniaturist
January 2008 
 "Basic Bookends" 
My second "How To" article!  This one give instructions on making make quick and easy bookends.



American Miniaturist
December 2007 
 "Cookie's Christmas in a Box" 
My third miniature cover!  The Christmas Roombox I made as a surprise for my mom is featured.

American Miniaturist
August 2007 
 "Just Wild About Harry" 
My second Harry Potter miniature scene, "Spinner's End", is featured.

American Miniaturist
March 2007
 "The Luck of the Irish"
My second miniature cover!
This issue covers the "Charming Irish Cottage" that was made for charity.



American Miniaturist
February 2007 
 "A Dream Place For Marion"
"Marion's Cabin" is featured.


American Miniaturist
August 2006 
 "Magical Inspiration"
An in-depth 10-page feature on "Professor Snape's Office" and "Alan Rickman's Dressing Room".

Miniature Collector
July 2006 
Kids Corner
My first "How To" article on how to make a picnic bench
(advertised on the front cover!).



American Miniaturist
December 2005
"Come In And Cozy Up - 
Christmas Rush"
My first miniature cover!
There's a 6-page pictorial/story on my Christmas House.

 Miniature Collector
July 2005
Miniature Gallery
Professor Snape's Office is featured in the Gallery section.

American Miniaturist
February 2005
"Kathleen Finds Her
Minis So Rewarding"
Features my first three projects: Centracchio House, Grandma's Kitchen and Centracchio's Ristorante.


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